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Welcome to Bay Area Empowered Birth

Bay Area Empowered Birth Doulas exists to empower families and birth professionals through education, support, and community, increasing access, informed consent, and evidence based birthing options for all.

The purpose of this mutual benefit non-profit is to:

Educate Families and Birth Professionals: Provide comprehensive educational resources and training to families and birth professionals, ensuring they are well-informed about childbirth options, prenatal and postnatal care, and best practices in birth support.

Empower Through Support: Offer emotional and practical support to families and birth professionals, helping them navigate the challenges of childbirth and early parenthood with confidence and competence.

Build Community: Foster a strong, supportive community where families and birth professionals can connect, share experiences, and collaborate to improve birthing outcomes and experiences.

Advocate for Informed Choices: Advocate for informed decision-making in childbirth, promoting access to accurate information and empowering families to make choices that best suit their needs and values.

Enhance Professional Development: Provide ongoing professional development opportunities for birth professionals, ensuring they stay current with the latest knowledge, skills, and best practices in the field.


AT BAE, We believe mom should come Before Anyone Else during the perinatal season and that birthing people deserve better birthing support and options.

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At Bay Area Empowered Birth Doulas, we connect moms to resources to support mothers and families throughout their pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey including:

"I cannot recommend Bay Area Empowered Birth & Doula Services enough! Their doulas provided me with the emotional, physical, and informational support I needed to have the birth experience I wanted. I felt empowered and supported throughout my entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum journey. Thank you so much!"

Samantha L.

Client Love

"The doulas at Bay Area Empowered Birth & Doula Services are amazing! They provided me with the support and encouragement I needed to have a positive birth experience. I would highly recommend them to any expecting mother looking for a compassionate and knowledgeable doula."

Jessica M.

"Bay Area Empowered Birth & Doula Services is the best! Their doulas helped me navigate the challenges of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with ease. I felt supported and empowered every step of the way. Thank you so much!"

Emily S.

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